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Thank You For Our Time Together Last Night - Enslavement - The Path Of True Submission

Apr. 14th, 2008

04:00 am - Thank You For Our Time Together Last Night

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 Dear Mistress Malice,

 Last night was a fantastic and hopefully greatly amusing time for Your Mistress. 
You have been into my head quite deeply already, but last night You opened the top of this head and poured a whole lot in, then cemented over the top sealing my fate into Your hands/mind Mistress.  Starting with going into a chat room where You apparently have a lot of friends/admirers/and other sluts was a total surprise, as i had foolishly assumed the cam session would strictly be in the yahooIM window.  i hope that You noticed that it did bring a wildly exhibitionist side of this slut Mistress.  Naturally, slut will continually request Your guidance as to such behavior and actions for You amusement Mistress.  It is all about You and Your pleasure and now that is even more important/critical Mistress. 
There was one casualty as a result of last night, but i tend to think it was only a matter of time anyway Mistress.  The CB-3000 is now toast as the curve portion is now in two pieces and it is questionable if super glue will repair it or not.  After listening to Your recording about the cock sucking slut in a box i went to bed and curled upon the protective pads to protect the bed and bed linens sooo hot and aroused.  Yes, to make matters even more filthy and uncomfortable the need to urinate immediately hit thus soaking all and spreading the filth more totally into the undershorts and diaper Mistress. 
wilma slept about an hour or hour and a half, and awoke in intense pain as the 3000 was biting as the clitter was trying and trying to grow and grow.  Also the amazement that only 3 of those 4.5 ounce disposable enema bottles were working with such intense power, as it had been at least 2 years maybe more since this slut has done enemas Mistress.  Yes, the reminder that slut is also hooked upon enemas as being so powerful as well as mind altering struck right between the eyes Mistress.  The feelings within with the enemas filling and expanding, then fire was added with the clothes pins attached to the nipples, and there was one hot wild and super aroused wilma Mistress.  Yes, these nipples are so sensitive and more Mistress.  That is why there were times wilma was humping and grinding on the chair Mistress.  Yes, there were a series of mini orgasms or more like a milking happening Mistress.  Not in total naturally, but very much present none the less Mistress.  It is this period of mini orgasms that keeps this slave on a real high Mistress, a high that slut wishes would never end, a high which makes slave even more manipulative or vulnerable for total obeying and compliance Mistress. 
Contrary to many sessions long distance there were no times during the night when slave wanted to go shower and clean up Mistress.  Rather, an deep feeling that to do so would be totally disrespectful and totally disobedient Mistress.  Whether this is a growth as a slave don't know Mistress.  i just know it was a very wonderful new feeling, both mentally and physically.  At this point i don't feel it is as a result of fear, but feel it is a sign of total Respect and submission to You Mistress.  At least a small distance has been covered in growing for Your total and complete amusement and pleasure Mistress.  i know You have truly moved into my heart, mind, body, and soul Mistress, as there is a totally new, wonderful and aroused emotion and mind set now present within this mind Mistress.  Yes, i was eager before, but i am now much more intense in my wanting and needing to serve for You Mistress. 
Last night was a real beginning Mistress, and thank You for taking me deeper into Your web Mistress.  Thank You for exposing just how big a slut i am Mistress.  i know i shall be eager for more and more, but also feel i shall have more patience and respect for Your being so busy etc Mistress.  i am still riding on the crest of emotions Mistress. 
Submissively with love,
 Your slut wilma shitspeare

Current Mood: enthralled