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Liberation Thru Slutnosis - Enslavement - The Path Of True Submission

Apr. 15th, 2008

08:23 am - Liberation Thru Slutnosis

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 i am sitting here sipping coffee attempting to totally absorb all that was released from this mind last night prior to bed listening to the recorded message from Mistress Malice.  Slutnosis-Feminization-Demalization-Slutification.  Wow eleven minutes of such intense relaxation, brain absorbing, and intense peace of mind.  Further confirmation of why this slut has always felt and believed that the beauty of the Female anatomy was so much more beautiful than the male anatomy.  

First and foremost, this slave/slut totally surrenders to Mistress Malice this heart, mind, body, and soul so that Mistress will fully develop the sissy which lies within.  This is a feeling of intense transformation which has long been sought, yet a bit of "hanging on" to the old, being that ugly male, and possessing that ugly dick.  Last night after listening with a wide open mind the realization of now having a "clitter" and no longer being that ugly male was a deeply emotionally beautiful time of life.  Upon awakening from the "sleep" induced through Mistress Malice's words there was a feeling that yes, indeed, the transformation has truly begun.  An immediate wanting to go shopping for that sexy black mini skirt, with a slut red top, as well as the appropriate and necessary makeup plus stiletto heels. 

So many thoughts are emanating within this mind... the total realization and acceptance that this slut is no longer just a male, but also a sissy slut as i have always dreamt about, but refused to allow to come forth.  A realization that this fact has been stifled and shut out for so long.  Remembering the  numerous times, of giving up, throwing away makeup, clothes, all feminine items in refusal to accept what truly lies within.  So many times of "accepting" that previous Mistresses have disliked slut to be truly feminized, leaving this slut in denial.

This morning begins my new life as Mistress Malice's sissy slut and i am reminded of this as i see myself through her eyes and her vision of my future. The softness of the hairless skin of this body seems even more soft this morning.  A total transformation has begun mentally as well as physically. 

Remembering last night immediately after listening to the recording, going before a mirror and looking at this now feminine body, with the clitter pulled back and stretched back, how a wonderful and lovely pussy appeared.  The lips protruding were so beautiful, so mind boggling. It is with awe that i now remember the symbolic physical proof of my own metamorphosis.

Now appreciating even more that Mistress Malice has christened this slut as wilma.  She is so wonderful as She leads this slut along the road to where Mistress desires her to be.  Wondering how this clitter can be secured so that these pussy lips are constantly there, not a sign at all of the previous state... casting aside the male thoughts and actions... Now more and more wishing and wanting, and yes needing to bring wilma alive and about in total.  Dreaming of becoming a worthy cock sucker, dreaming of being used as a sissy slut.

Thank You Mistress Malice for giving this gift to Your slut wilma.  Thank You for Your intuition, and knowing what is best for wilma.  Thank You for being the liberator of what has been within for so long.

Your adoring slave/slut
wilma shitspeare          

Current Mood: gratefulgrateful