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The Rumblings Of The Inner Self - Enslavement - The Path Of True Submission

Apr. 14th, 2008

09:44 am - The Rumblings Of The Inner Self

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 Wow Mistress Malice is soooooooooo awesome as many already know, and this slut has just learned in a more intense manner.  The magnetism, the ability to inject intense desire within this slut so that She is pleasured and amused is truly wonderful as She totally humiliates one in their own shame.  Returning to the experience with Mistress Malice this past Saturday night, the scene must be set for the dramatic.

First slut was required to have at hand the following items:  CB 3000, underpants, diapers, fleet enemas, clothes pins, baby bottle, baby bib, blonde wig, and of course slut itself.  Added to this was scotch as this slut had slipped into a scotch bottle on Friday night and become totally stupid as a result.  Added power to this, is the fact that the command to have the items on hand had been issued at least 5 days prior, with the further mind fuck that Mistress would utilize these items as well as christen this slut with a new name when Her schedule allowed.  Thus, the suspense continued to mount and slut became more and more eager to be used for Mistress Malice's intense humor and pleasure.  Saturday night became "lights, camera, action and oh my goodness.  At some point between midnight and 1AM on Saturday morning the Fantastic and Wonderful Mistress Malice decided it was time to christen Her new slut with a "bang". (pun intended)

Mistress Malice first instructed this slut as to the new name and password for logging onto yahoo messenger, and to get there like "yesterday"  Her word usage is so powerful and so wonderful as there is no doubt She is definitely a most Superior Female Dominant and that this lowly inferior male slut is but Her means of Humor.  Once on IM, further command was given to join Her in a public chat room (surprise #1), and after a few technical snafus this was accomplished partially.  It then quickly became time to turn on the cam and allow the world to see this slut/victim.  Side messages in regular IM brought the command of:  do a scotch enema, lock the 3000 on, underpants, and diaper time ohh and the silly blonde wig.  Since Mistress had prepared this mind for this situation for days, slut couldn't wait to obey Her command, couldn't wait to be taken to the depths of shame which are so pleasing and humorous to this Wonderful Mistress.  Yes, Her venom had deeply been transfused into these veins thus the mind was so open, so vulnerable to do anything for Her intense amusement. 

slut was thinking to one's own detriment, how could this little 4 ounce enema do much damage... rumblings etc?  Welllllllllllll, after 3 of them, the world was shaking, the mind was so doused with desire to do anything Mistress desired.  This body was shaking and quivering externally, while inside the rumblings, the flashes of spasms, the hotness as clothes 5 clothes pins had been attached to each sensitive nipple.  thus with a pussy cunt full of scotch enemas and the nipples screaming in pain the slut was doing a dance of "fuck me fuck me please fuck me".  Dancing as a stripper, dancing as a whore being fucked ohhhhhhhhhh it was again the wonderful venom of Mistress Malice at total control. 

At around 4AM, Mistress Malice was becoming tired and simply commanded, that slut could go to bed, and naturally sleep in the filth and shame which had so violently erupted just prior to Her wishing to get some sleep for Herself.  slut was not allowed to clean self of shame etc until noon on Sunday.. what a way to worship the Fantastic Mistress Malice in total and yet wonderful shame.  As Mistress Malice and slut had both failed to recall the presence of a baby bottle and a baby bib, those items are still laying in the closet as slut wonders as to how those items shall be used for more humiliation at some future time. 

Further information as a result of the deep "cleaning" of this slut's innards, yesterday the entire body was moving in slow motion and in an almost comatose state.  Running to CVS and finding gatorade, energy drinks, and large bottles of water provided relief and somewhat awoke this mind and body.  Sigh.. awoke in that returned to a more normal state of mental capacity, partially out of this time of intense shame for Mistress's amusement.  The only BAD aspect, was that this computer would not support the audio features in the chat room, thus slut's ears could only "burn" not hearing the discourse that was possibly discussing how silly this slut was during the nearly 3 hours of degradation. 

The physical rumblings have slowed to now being nonexistant, this mind is still even more focused upon the wonderful powers of Mistress Malice, and yes, guilty of wishing and wanting the next episode to come soon... please forgive this greedy slut Mistress.  The power of Mistress Malice is continuing to move deeper within, and yes the wanting to please Her, to amuse Her to maintain total focus upon Her total Pleasure is growing and growing, and yet this is but a beginning on this wonderful journey.  Knowing that pleasure is for Mistress Malice, this slut comforts self knowing that wearing a thong daily is for Mistress.

Thank You one more time Mistress Malice, You are so Wonderful, this slut is so honored to be allowed to serve You in the ways You desire Mistress.  You are the master of creating such desire and eagerness and channeling these traits for Your entertainment.  This slut has been on this rodeo a few years, and never ever has this slut felt so taken... Curtsies to You in great respect, admiration, and submission to You Mistress.

Your adoring slave,
wilma shitspeare

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