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Porn Task Assignment - Enslavement - The Path Of True Submission

May. 14th, 2008

11:37 pm - Porn Task Assignment

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 Upon receiving Mistress Malice's command a couple of weeks ago to find an adult store and go purchase some porn videos was quite a learning experience for this eager yet virginal sissy slut.  Once going to a store, it became a most frustrating experience as the availability was quite lacking.  Finally ended up purchasing two videos, one a Mistress Amanda Wildefyre with a rubber slave presenting a Rubber Nurse scene.  Basically, it consisted of a slave attired in rubber and frequent changes of hoods.  She then added a gag shaped as a dildo so the slave was quite silent while in secure bondage.  She kept threatening various torment to include catherizing the slave, but it was merely a mind fuck.  With the slave secured in an exam chair with legs spread wide all was available for the Mistress to use and abuse, thus the thoughts were wild and hot running through this slut's mind.  

Due to the fact that this slut was plugged fully while watching this porn, the hotness was flowing through these veins in eagerness and envy of not being the lucky slut spread open and wide.  The thoughts of intense nipple torture in conjunction with all of the potential torments had this slut grinding and rocking hard upon the plug.  

Then moving to the "Hot Rockers" and watching all sorts of sucking of cocks and fucking up the ass by males was another "awakening" for this slut.  Yes, looking at those dicks, and thinking of sucking and sucking upon a dick was again arousing for this slut.  Simultaneously, wanting to be dressed ala femme and being fucked while sucking at the same moment was quite a wild stretch of this learning sissy slut.  Yet, watching as a "virgin" was broken in made this man pussy squirm and twitch.  

Thank You Mistress Malice for exposing so much new and educational material for this slut's mind development.  

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