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First Period - Enslavement - The Path Of True Submission

Apr. 30th, 2008

06:06 pm - First Period

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 A number of thoughts and emotions have come forth due to the experience of the first period as per Mistress Malice's desire.  Guess, that the first thought was that a little old tampon couldn't do much mentally or physically,  WRONG.  The change in the way the tampon felt as it initially felt rather tiny and harmless, yet after the first hour or so it was definitely growing.  It seemed that the thong rubbing like the slingshot that it is was intensifying the power of the tampon.  The feeling of being unable to have anything else within created anxiety, a feeling of being dirty, a feeling of so wanting to put on pantyhose, a bra, skirt and top, heels, and makeup  was powerful due to the femme experience.  Naturally, due to no permission to dress from Mistress Malice it definitely was the realization that this slut has no choices, no allowances except for what is pleasing and amusing for Mistress. 

There was also a noticeable increase in frustration as it seemed the clitter was much more alive and active.  Thus, it was more comfortable not being in chastity as frequently it was noticeable as to the "growing" sensation of the clitter.  Then there was the experience of having cramps for the first time as the tampon seemed to generate more "gas" than normal which did create some minor cramping and slight discomfort. 

There were also the thoughts, that this first period had to be the worst part of the beginnings as Mistress Malice's sissy slut life.  A lesson in humility, that all revolves around the mood, wishes, desires, and amusement level of Mistress Malice.  Since this sissy slut was sleeping in a diaper there was no worry about making a mess should the gas created cramps become intense. 

This first period strongly intensified the desire to dress totally femme for Mistress Malice.

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