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Today's Thoughts - Enslavement - The Path Of True Submission

Apr. 23rd, 2008

12:34 pm - Today's Thoughts

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Greetings Mistress Malice,

Today begins a period of 4 days of no work, and the early word is that next week shall be even fewer working hours than this week.  This presents a double edged sword in that it means less "play money", yet more time for the mental aspects of slavery.  Due to age, eagerness and desire etc, there is the continual mind process of hoping to travel deep into the darkness of slavery and to live in that manner.

There is always the lingering thought as to just how realistic this hope truly is.  Today's world and thinking of what is politically correct in conjunction with the "do gooders" is always such a challenge.  The fact that so many supposedly in this lifestyle are so judgemental as to what is correct according to their beliefs thus frustrating in my mind and thoughts.  Why can't people accept, note accept, not agree that what two adults believe and desire to live, can be totally acceptable?  Yes, the paradigms of old, are not always the way of acceptance of change, ie today's paradigms.  Isn't it a sign of mental and progressive intellectual strength to adjust to what others seek without judging others?  

It seems that many times those in the "vanilla" lifestyle merely shake their heads in disbelief whereas those in the lifestyle are so quick to say "NO" that is not the true BDSM lifestyle, or find other negative comments to strengthen their self esteem and self confidence.  Yes, it appears to me, that it requires so much less effort to find the positive than the negative in regards to differing views, actions, and thoughts. 

OK, enough of this slut's philosophical thoughts and views for today.

wilma shitspeare   


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