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This Slut Has Been Very Busy Today - Enslavement - The Path Of True Submission

Apr. 18th, 2008

07:20 am - This Slut Has Been Very Busy Today

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 What a beautiful morning following a night filled with raging winds, heavy rain, and scattered hail, and now the sun is shining brightly.  It is somewhat alike this slut's day yesterday followed with a short chat with Mistress Malice on IM.  In return for the honor of speaking to Mistress Malice this slut must pay a "price" for each of Her typos.  It is with great respect that this slut does believe Mistress might make an intentional mistake or two just for Her fun and amusement . For each typo which Mistress makes accidentally or on purpose this slut was commanded to attach a clothespin to some portion of this slut's anatomy. At first Her command was for the pins to be placed upon the balls, which were not large enough to hold enough clothes pins, thus more were added to the clitter and then the nose, the tongue and the nipples.  The clothes pins do add a challenge in that maintaining a bit of intelligence is not always the easiest task when there is a bit of pain experienced by a masochist.  Mistress commanded that this slut remain pinned up for an additional 30 minutes after she signed off yahoo, during which this slut squirmed, humped, and became so aroused and hot that the clitter was dripping faster than a leaky faucet.  Since no release nor orgasm is on this slut's "can do" list the moments of frustration continue to grow stronger and stronger.  Hopefully, this fact shall make Mistress laugh and giggle in amusement.

Another healthy addition to this slut's life as per Mistress's command and desire is to drink a gallon of water per day, which is probably double the normal amount of water this slut has been consuming.  Spreading this amount over the entire day isn't all that bad, however initially dummy thought it was to be consumed in a 3 hour period, thus creating quite a laxative effect.  This additional water consumption does create the need to urinate much more frequently than the past.  Since this slut is now required to sleep in a pink baby doll type nightie, in addition to a diaper, the added water intake does create a very soggy diaper by changing time.  

Last night also resulted in the production of 3 or 4 videos for Mistress's amusement.  The reason for so many videos is that e-mail will not allow an attachment larger than 10MB or some technical term.  Three of them exceeded this limitation which is a man made limit, not a limit that Mistress Malice, the Female Superior Dominant would establish... darned inferior males anyway.  Not being blessed with the talent to keep things "short and sweet" these limitations prove to be a real problem for a blabberbum.  Thus one was successfully sent via e-mail to Mistress, with two or three remaining in the saved documents arena.  Since part of the script for these videos required this slut to be diapered no change was necessary after movie time.  Only the pink baby doll was added for bed/sleep time.  

To enable making this shorter, the night resulted in only awakening twice with that feeling of intense pressure and yes, the need to pee!!  Thus the diaper was wet twice, so far.  It is heavy and it is pretty wet or at least very damp.  Due to the great absorbency, there is no leaking so all is well.  The thought of a wonderful pot of coffee is so powerful and so wanted, yet one pot of coffee will definitely test the absorbency qualities to the maximum... back to decision time and WWMMD?

For those who do not know, WWMMD= What Would Mistress Malice Do/Desire/Demand. This slut has been commanded to give serious thought to this question before making any decisions during the times when Mistress Malice can not be bothered with this anxious and eager slut's questions.

Now wondering what shall be within Mistress's realm of amusement today?  Definitely, nothing this inferior male slut can predict with any accuracy at all.  Thus whatever shall be shall be.  Maybe even be blessed and allowed to dress today.  *smile*

Have a wonderful day Mistress,
wilma shitspeare

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