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Essay On Female Supremacy - Enslavement - The Path Of True Submission

Mar. 25th, 2008

08:05 am - Essay On Female Supremacy

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Dear Mistress Malice,

This slave has done a lot of thinking and reading prior to writing the following assigned essay. This slave definitely and completely believes in the concept of Female Supremacy, and that is what i deeply seek and request. As a slave life centers totally around what She desires it to be and or become. There are no ifs, ands, nor butts, to being a slave. The will and wishes of the Superior Female must be obeyed no matter what She may command. There can be no "sore toes" or other feeble excuses why a slave can not nor does not wish to comply. The slave willingly relinquishes all control to Her to use as She so desires and sees fit.

The mental aspect is both seductively powerful and yet so cruel. Mind fucks whether they happen or not can keep a slave wondering, and thus strengthens their commitment to serving for Her pleasure. As You stated in Your website, Your Irresistible yet Controlling Sadism creeps into the veins of a committed slave and deepens their need to serve You in all ways whether known or unknown to the slave. It is a poison of total surrender of the heart, mind, body, and soul which is the greatest gift a slave can ever present to The Superior Female Dominant.

It is not about sex, as sex may or may not ever be a privilege a slave is allowed as that is the Owner's decision and right to totally control. Yes, this slave has fantasized about being forcefully feminized, and then due to the Owner's whim raped and used as a whore for Her pleasure. Even though this slave is straight in sexual orientation there are no limits as that again would be the choice of the Owner. This is but one example of being forced to do the unknown for Your pleasure which drives this slave to submission.

This slave has read, studied, and listened closely in chat rooms but many times this slave has also become disenchanted by the "unreal" facts, thoughts, and prejudicial attacks forced upon others in this lifestyle that it is sickening. Why such a supposedly open minded group of people within the lifestyle feel they know all, and their way is the only right way drives me crazy. It is all about what She as a Superior Female wishes.

This slave now believes that the old concept of "mutual trust, mutual respect, and mutual integrity do not apply in a full slavery relationship. Yes, the slave must trust their Owner, respect them, and also be totally honest with them, but the mutual aspect no longer applies once the contract of enslavement is signed. Whether the slave is used as a toilet, a whore, a dancer, a chef, or whatever else depends fully upon the desires of their Owner.

It is not a surrender to live life as a slave, but an offering of the greatest gift possible. To freely and openly present yourself, heart, mind, body, and soul for total and complete control and service is more valuable than any amount of money. To offer ones self in total servitude to a Superior Female is the food for life and purpose in this slave's mind. Learning the deepest and darkest areas which provide new and wonderful pleasure for the Superior Female is the only purpose necessary for a true slave to grow and become even deeper in their commitment and submission to their Owner. All in life for a slave becomes a privilege granted by the Superior Female not a right.

Is it really stupid to beg for more? Isn't that a sign of total commitment? Isn't that a desire to fully serve? It is with total commitment and full desire to serve and please You that this slave begs You to be the drug which i can not live without. Please take this slave where You wish and mold me for the role which provides the most intense pleasure for You. This humble slave sincerely begs that You become my world and my total reason for existing.

Respectfully and submissively,
wilma shitspeare - formerly known as slave mike

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